BC Provincial Championships - Hotel Information



Kelowna:       Sandman Hotels

                      2130 Harvey Avenue


Group#           506144


                       Single Queen Room - $151.00

                       Single Queen Kitchenette - $161.00

                       Double Queen Room - $171.00



Langley:         Sandman Hotel Langley

                       8855 202nd Street

Phone:            604-455-2353


                      Contact: Sean Harris-sharris@sandman.ca


                      Sandman Signature Hotel Langley

                      8828 201St.

Phone:           604-455-2353


                     Rates: Starting 107.00/night


                     Contact Sean Harris - sharris@sandma.ca




Abbotsford:  Sandman Hotel & Suites

                      32720 Simon Avenue, Abbotsford

Phone:           604-556-7263


                     2 Beds $109.00



Abbotsoford: Sandman Abbotsford Airport

                       3010 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford

Phone:            604-859-7263

                                             (WE DO NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, WATER OR SANI-HOOK UP)
                 Note: This is a special RV parking area put together to accommodate SPN Provincials.        
                                                 Location: Kelowna Mission Sport fields 
                                                  Turn Off Gordon Ave onto Lexington Drive
                                            *RV park will be located on your Right hand side 
COST: $ 35 per night per unit. 4 Adults included $5 per person over and above the 4 adults, per night.  If paid up front, by cash or check accepted OR if paid at check in, prior to setting up on your lot, payment accepted by Cash only.  
 RESERVATIONS:  Please contact Glenn Sargeant by emailing ktownkleenup@gmail.com. Please reviews the site plan attached and pick your lot (subject to availability). 
Glenn Sargeant - Glenn can be reached at 250.215.2880
Neil Jensen – Neil can be reached at 250.215.3532
CAMP RULES : In order for Kelowna Mission Sport fields RV camping area to be a safe, secure and fun environment for everyone, we ask all campers to please abide by the 
Camp Rules.
1.  Be extremely nice to the camp coordinators! Note, we do not have a complaints department, but we have a lovely "feedback department" consisting of a lawn chair and a cold drink. In the Okanagan Valley, there are only happy people who love life. If you are here, please do your best to adopt this practise. None of us do this full time and we commit to do our best to ensure your stay is comfortable however the women Camp Co-ordinators can get crabby If pushed... just a little heads up :).
We are all members of the Kelowna Adult Softball Association and as such, want to ensure you have a great time, while still respecting the guidelines of the RV camping site, for the benefit of all.   Note, we are also all players or coaches..... We will get to you the minute we can. 
2.  All campers try to check in prior to 8 pm on Fri September 1st 
3.  Check out for campers is 5:00 PM September 4th  
4.  ATV's and dirt bikes are not permitted in the park.
5.  Illegal Drugs: Please just don’t go there. The camp does not allow the use or sale of illegal drugs on the property. 
6.  Alcohol: Please keep any alcohol within the camping area. There is a fabulous beer gardens within walking distance, please do support us :)    Consumption of alcohol to the point of physical or mental impairment is not permitted in public campground areas. 
7.  Please be courteous to the other campers. 
8.  Public Conduct: Respecting the sensibilities of all campers, overt sexual activity is not permitted in the public areas of the campground (unless the Camp Coordinator get to be involved of course :)...kidding!! 
9.  Sorry no campfires...this is the Okanagan and we’ve had some problems with fires before!!
10. Please keep your campsite clean and tidy. Garbage are available, please use them. 
11. Music & Noise: Out of courtesy to other campers, no loud music or activity between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am. 
12. No pets (sorry, I love them but they poop and bark)
13. Cans and Paper: Recycling bins are located within the park. Please use them. Littering is not permitted.
14. Glass: please do your best to keep all glass in your RV.  
15. Other Waste: We encourage all campers to take their garbage with them when they leave.
16. Gray Water: This is the water from doing dishes, etc. Please don't dispose of it on the ground. Please dump your waste water at the RV dump station. 
17. Anyone causing a disturbance, behaving in a belligerent manner or using foul language will be asked to leave the campground.
18. All CAMPERS must register and pay upon arrival. 
19. No fireworks or pyrotechnics are permitted in the park at any time. 
20. Anyone who is in breach of the rules will be asked to leave the campground without refund. The campgrounds coordinators are nice folks however do reserve the right to terminate any agreements at any time for violation of the campground rules, with the removal of the RV from the park, without benefit, liability or refund. 
21. Security guard will be on site from 8pm-8am daily from Thursday to Monday am. They rule the roost!

These rules may be modified from time to time at the discretion of the Campground Co-ordinators. All campers also agree to abide by all applicable municipal, provincial, or federal laws and regulations. 
Addresses for Dumping Gray Water or Sani (poop) : Best to call ahead and confirm what they accept and how much $
-Canadian Tire Store
• 1655 Leckie Road Kelowna BC
• Hwy. 97 and Leckie Road

-Husky Wash Zone Car / Truck & RV Wash
• 150 Edwards Road Kelowna BC
• Hwy. 97 North & Edwards Road

-Mohawk Station
• 3491 Sexsmith Road Kelowna BC
• Hwy. 97 North & Sexsmith Road (Old Vernon Road)

-Shell Service Station
• Hwy. 33 West & Gerstmar Road; 5 blocks East of Hwy. 97 North

-Chevron Service Station
• 2499 South Hwy. 97 West Kelowna BC North

-Shell Station
• 2551 South Hwy. 97 West Kelowna BC Hwy. 97 North