New Rules and Policies 2018

Womens E to be added to 2018 Championships – Division to be hosted in Leduc, Alberta

Rule 2 Sec 8 – Protective Equipment Statement

Any player who has a concern about an injury occurring from being struck with a ball during SPN sanctioned play should address that concern by the use of protective equipment which is available and is allowed in Slo-Pitch National sanctioned play.

For safety reasons, SPN strongly recommends that all players wear protective equipment while playing both defensive and offensive positions. Protective equipment including masks, headwear, catchers’ equipment and soccer style shin guards may be used by all players in any SPN sanctioned event.

Rule 2 Sec 1

All legal bats used in Slo-Pitch National will have the USSSA compliance mark located on the bat.

Note: Local leagues have the ability to set their own bat policies.

Rule 2 Sec 11

EQUIPMENT: At no time can a camera, cell phone, audio or video device be worn or used by a player, coach, or manager while on the field of play. ELECTRONIC DEVICE is any device capable of making or transmitting still or moving photographs, video recordings or images of any kind. Any device capable of creating, transmitting or receiving text or data and any device capable of receiving transmitting or recording sound is prohibited.

EFFECT: Player, manager, coach will be removed from the game.

Rule 14

Seniors 50+, 60 +, and 65+ have use of unlimited courtesy runners, without penalty. The courtesy runner can be anyone listed on the lineup card and the same runner cannot be used more than once per inning.


Government issued I.D may be checked at any time by the tournament committee or their representatives to certify a player’s name, date of birth, address or gender without protest.


The umpire will advise the coach that failure to leave the park at the requested time, or returning to the field after leaving from an initial ejection, shall result in the immediate halting of the game and the ejected player’s team forfeiting the game.


Players may compete on one Masters and Seniors team And on one Coed team AND on one single sex team (mens or womens) team in the same sanctioned event, if registered per “i” above;