Covid – 19 May 26 Update – Addressing Insurance Coverage Concerns

Covid – 19 May 25 Update – Addressing Insurance Coverage Concerns

We are excited to return to our National and Ontario Office located at 63 Galaxy Blvd Unit 4, Toronto to serve our membership for the 2020 season.

While we are still uncertain about the various opening plans for outdoor sports across many of the provinces and municipalities of Canada, we are preparing that there may eventually be some league and event participation this season, but with necessary modifications to the activities surrounding the game. We laid out some suggested guidelines earlier this month. 

Our online registration system remains open, and in the coming weeks we will have new updated waiver wording that has been amended to include a contagion clause, as all of our members need to acknowledge that they assume some risk when considering returning to play amidst the COVID-19 crisis. It will be mandatory that all participants complete the online waiver form. 

We have worked with our Insurance Provider to ensure we have the necessary coverage in place for returning to play. Upon receiving a request to provide a Certificate of Insurance coverage, organizers will be requested to follow a list of prerequisites to ensure that coverage is extended to responsible groups.

These prerequisites include

1) Accepting to adhere to all Provincial and Local government restrictions,

2) Proof of permits and approval for play from your municipality

3) Submission of a return to play plan that will be reviewed and approved by Slo-Pitch National and

4) Mandatory online waiver forms completed by all participants.

5) Payment of all membership fees for 2020. 

A post event report will be required from each event to assist Slo-Pitch National in evaluating successes and challenges, which can then be utilized to improve the game for future events and play.
Our Regional Directors across Canada will be working collectively as leagues and events get underway to review the individual events and evaluate successes and challenges and build the road to recovery within our sport based off of these findings. It will be more important than ever for all of our regions to work together with a united problem solving approach to achieve this. Slo-Pitch National is committed to communicate the planning pathways to our members and organizers.

We are committed to working with all of our member leagues and event organizers to provide guidance and recommendations to assist with the unique but necessary measures that will be in place in all of the various communities across Canada. 

It is clear that there is no one size fits all plan. Our approach towards Return To Play needs to be carefully planned out with the ability to make the necessary modifications along the way.  It is imperative that whatever measures are needed to return to the diamonds, the teams and participants understand that these need to be adhered to. 
This will not be the time to “do your own thing”, this will not be the time to disregard social gathering guidelines, as it will impact everyone’s opportunity to play the game we love. Please ensure that whatever the rules and restrictions are introduced by the organizers in your community, you and your teammates respect them.  

We are excited to return to the game we all love. We will get there! We just need to exercise caution, patience and responsible common sense. Please do your part!