Covid April 20 Update

Weekly Update – April 20, 2020 

As we continue into another week of the Covid 19 Crisis, Slo-Pitch National has continues our transitioned operations from our fulltime office to our home offices. The National Office staff and Regional Director Emails are listed at the bottom of this message. We are available to answer any questions you may have about the 2020 season. 
This is national volunteer appreciation week so it only seems fitting that we dedicate a good portion of this weekly COVID 19 message to the groups across Canada who run our leagues, umpire programs, tournaments and organize our teams! 
During this crisis, these volunteers have been struggling to provide the answers to the people who they represent and organize. They have been struggling to come up with plans D,E and F that might allow ball players onto a field in their municipalities this summer. They have been struggling trying to organize details based on having little or no idea on when we will resume our standard spring summer or fall ball activities, they are struggling to figure out what will be the necessary new measures that “might” allow us to return to play on our diamonds and how social distancing will impact our traditional methods of enjoying the game. This has been a challenging time for all of these people! 

We have and will continue to champion our front line workers during this crisis (including all the postal workers – yes we read our social media), but I think it’s important to take a moment to recognize the countless hours that the organizers of our local leagues, tournaments and umpire groups volunteer to us as ball players every year. Without these people we have no weekly games or tournament competitions. 

To the organizers of teams, you cannot be forgotten during volunteer appreciation week! Fewer and fewer people are stepping up to take on this thankless task. Trying to assemble a group of 12-14 players weekly or on the occasional weekend is both rewarding and frustrating and not always in equal amounts. 

As we continue to cancel upcoming events and abide by our government recommendations we remind teams and players that staying home and away from the diamonds is imperative. We are hopeful that there is some light at the end of the tunnel, but until such time where local authorities announce plans for reintroduced socialization and recreation we will wait! We are here to answer your questions via email at

This has provided us all with some time for reflection. Slo-Pitch National is grateful for all of the volunteers that are making this sport possible for all of us. When we return to the diamonds that we are all missing very much please remember the tireless efforts of your local organizers. Please take a moment this week to send them a note of encouragement and thanks! Let us be the first to start! Thank you! 

Slo-Pitch National Contact List:

President –  Trish Harrow
Vice President  – Jay Tourangeau 
Shelly Gaudet –
Tara Parent – 
BC – Lorri McAuley
AB – Trevor Hauser
SK – George Dmyterko 
MB – Kent Kamenz 
QC – Pierre Cadieux 
MRT – Mike Harding 
NL – Rob French