Tip Your Hat to the Red Cap!

The Slo-Pitch National officiating program was created to provide individuals the opportunity to become Umpires, a vital part of the game we all love so much.

Through clinics, testing and on field experience, umpires develop over time. We all must recognize that umpires have a love of the game that equals or surpasses that of the player. (who else would tolerate the conditions the umpire’s endure).

We need to understand that umpires are human beings – and mistakes will happen. It is vital as an organization, a league, a tournament convener, a team member or fellow umpire that we all come together to support our game officials!

Slo-Pitch National will continue our efforts to enhance the training tools available to our umpires, and assist them with their efforts to be the best they can be. We will support, foster and encourage people to become umpires and contribute to our game as an official.

This effort cannot be successful without the understanding and cooperation of everyone that umpire’s must be respected. Please park your criticism! If you feel you need to make a call from the stands or sidelines you should register to become an umpire and we can provide you with plenty of opportunity to make the calls on the diamond. 

Verbal and Physical abuse towards an umpire will never be tolerated by Slo-Pitch National, and this conduct should never be tolerated by slo-pitch participants. 

For individuals who have an interest in the Slo-Pitch National officiating program, please contact your Regional office who can provide you with specifics on the programs within your region.